How Your Business Can Make an Impact on the Web

There’s no question about it- your business must be online. This might feel optional to you on a personal level and in that case you’d be right. Many aspects of the internet are strictly for fun. But if you want your business to be competitive, it must be easy to find on the internet. You don’t need a multimillion dollar website, or anything close to that, but you do need a website (or some equivalent web presence). Whereas people once used phone books to find out who was offering what services, hardly anyone does this anymore. Where people go now to find the products and services they’re seeking is the internet. You must have a website. This has already been established. What has yet to be said, though, is that you need more than just a single page that has your business name and your business address and phone number on it. You need to tell people who you are, what you’re about and a description of what you do on your website. You need to have at least three pages on your webs